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Thomas Heinser

Thomas Heinser’s exhibition REDUZIERT at Gallery 16, San Francisco


© Thomas Heinser, image from the exhibition

© Thomas Heinser, image from the exhibition


REDUZIERT,  Thomas Heinser’s newest body of work and exhibition at Gallery 16 in San Francisco. February 5-March 18, 2016,

The exhibit features Heinser’s aerial perspectives of California’s recent geographical changes.

In these images idyllic land is “reduced” to its devastation from drought or fire, reflecting the impact of energy usage and climate change. Heinser’s visual language renders these realities with a subtle stillness. Ultimately Reduziert references the essence of reduction, rendering a new image language that is both abstract and social.


Stick Pony  mounted all 20 of Thomas's large images to 4ply archival museum board, The ideal choice for the artist. The Stick Pony team was able to deliver the work to the gallery for installation well ahead of the deadline.