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Choosing Your Best Option:

The right substrate choice depends on how you are planning to display your work and your budget.  Dibond and aluminum mounting offer archival qualities that artists and collectors look for.  

For framing, dibond is an excellent choice with superior rigidity and stability. 

Gator mounting is cost-efficient and offers a light-weight, rigid surface that can be framed or finished with a back frame or hanging cleat.
Information on all mounting options listed below:



Aluminum offers the archival qualities that artists and collectors look for,

Your image is mounted to the aluminum surface and reveals the solid silver color edge. Aluminum is offered in 1/16” thickness, and will not crack or change with variations in temperature or humidity.  In order to keep the panel flat we highly recommend a cleated back frame.  Aluminum mounting produces the most unobtrusive edge of all the substrates.



Dibond is a composite sandwich of sheets of .012 gauge white finished aluminum, with a rigid Polyethylene core. Dibond offers the archival qualities of aluminum and resists bending and warping over time. It may be exposed to extreme temperatures without affect. It is the flattest, truest of the surfaces for mounting photographs.  From the edge, the sandwich of 2 sheets of aluminum are visible with a black core.


Face Mounting to Acrylic: Plexiglass

Face-mounting uses an optically clear adhesive to permanently bond the photograph to the acrilic. A rigid backing material such as, Sintra, Dibond or Alluminum, is adhered to the back of the photograph, creating a unified package that encases and supports the work. With face-mounting, the colors of the photograph appear saturated and lush.



Sintra is a lightweight, extruded PVC with a satin finish. It has a slight surface texture which sometimes imparts a subtle “orange-peel” finish to certain photos. A relatively homogenous edge, it is a good choice when the finished panel is to be floated away from the wall and the look of the edge is important.

Sintra is available in a variety of thicknesses including 3mm (1/8”), 6mm (1/4”) and 13mm (1/2”).



Gator foam is an extruded polystyrene foam board which is a flatter and more rigid surface than foam core and makes an ideal surface when both cost and quality are a consideration.

Gator is available in all black or all white and in 3/16" or 1/2" thickness.




When you're looking for something a little more unusual, bamboo is a unique choice.  Photographs are mounted to 3/4" thick bamboo panels and are finished with a keyhole slot in the back for easy hanging.  The distinctive edge pattern of the bamboo is revealed on the sides.