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Luster / Matte / Gloss

Luster, Gloss and matte lamination offers UV protection in an extremely thin layer of high quality clear vinyl film applied to the surface of your print using optically clear adhesives, This makes the photographs more resistant to surface marring, finger-printing, airborne pollution and moisture.



Polycarbonate is a light-weight optically clear laminate which offers superior durability and high heat resistance.  Traditionally used for trade show graphics this laminate is also appropriate for fine art and applications where photographs might be subject to extra handling.  Its surface has a very slight pebble texture which gives the finished print a subtle sheen.

Polycarbonate lamination will protect work from damage when work is to be displayed in a high traffic area or where there will be excessive handling of the print such as trade shows although it lacks the UV inhibitors that the Luster/Matte and Gloss laminates offer.