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We love our American Democracy here at Stick Pony.  In an effort to protect values and principals we believe in, we will donate 10% of our profits to the American Civil Liberties Union.

At Stick Pony we take pride in our aesthetic sensibilities and our long term commitment to the art world.  We produce high-quality art-work from your photographs with the care and respect.  Our customers include artists, photographers, museums, art galleries, photo labs and frame shops.
Here's a look at what makes us tick.


Cahill Wessel

Bay Area artist Cahill Wessel , When he's not fighting super villains in far off places, he's busy drawing pictures of this crazy world we live in.  In his work, Cahill explores our modern circumstance and the situations we encounter everyday.


San Francisco artist Donna Anderson Kam creates large-scale drawings using photo based imagery to explore social issues.

Donna's is interested in consumption based economies and media influenced identity.


Ian Green

Ian Green has been an exhibiting artist in San Francisco since the late 1980's.  His work has been exhibited in galleries in San Francisco, Toronto, Houston, Chicago and Aberdeen, Scotland and is included in a number of museum collections.  He is most at home making art which uses photography as a departure point and arriving at a place of quassi abstraction.


Chester Lei

Chester Lei has worked in the finishing department of some of San Francisco's finest photo labs for the past twenty years.  His attention to detail and experience make him a valued member of the Stick Pony team.  Chester has been with us since 2009.